The above installation is by English artist Slinkachu (as part of the Fame Festival, Grottaglio, Italy, 2009).  The playfulness, the mucking around with scale, the intimacy, and – yet again I come back to that word – the fragility.  Perhaps it’s also the sense of ‘short story’ that resonates for me.  And it’s intriguing to read how the artist leaves his installations in the public realm to see what happens to them – would it be too dark and grim (my usual way, I’m afraid) to want to see pictures of what would surely be the resultant destruction?  Either way, I reckon I could flick through the above images all day and still get a buzz out of them.  (Christ, I wish that’s all I did all day.)  For more information, visit the artist’s site by clicking on ‘Little People’ in the Under the Counter blogroll.