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02 Murrumbateman 3 11 15


01 Murrumbateman 1 11 15


03 Murrumbateman 2 11 15


J Wordsmith 1

J Wordsmith 2

J Wordsmith 3

J Wordsmith 4

J Wordsmith 8

J Wordsmith 12

J Wordsmith 18

Kargaltsev. 2010 - V5Two men - V1


Ramones by Ian Dickson, 1977.  (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

Ramones by Ian Dickson, 1977. (Image source: Wikipedia Commons)

‘Punk to me was a form of free speech. It was a movement when suddenly all kinds of strange voices that no reasonable person could ever have expected to hear in public were being heard all over the place’

Greil Marcus, author, rock critic, journalist

01 Melbourne face 3

02 Melbourne shop 1

03 Melbourne cocoons

04 Melbourne (do me)

‘Every vigorous age has had its own vision of urban splendour.
Why should we be deprived of it?’
– Walter Gropius

05 Melbourne facade 1

06 Melbourne (what are you looking at)

07 Melbourne facade 2

08 Melbourne face 4

Fuck You, Putin V4

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